Amazing destinations that fulfil the inner sailor in us all. Stunning views, relaxing towns and busy nightclubs can be found along the coast as you sail.

Across the world cruising holidays always inspire people to explore new places, often for relaxation or to see stunning sights. Some coastlines have beautiful scenery which Turkey also has but few countries can boast of the historical sites that are easily reached from the water. Often when cruises are thought of, ocean liners come to mind however in the south-west coastline of Turkey as well as the surrounding islands offer breathtaking destinations. Here are some of the most beautiful, memorable and fascinating places that should be added to everyone next holiday.

A bay of Symi Island (1)


While Istanbul may not be on a coast it is on the Bosphorus strait which separates Asia and
Europe. The Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, straddles this waterway. As the Bosphorus has been an icon for the city throughout history there are many historical and beautiful sights along its banks. Many visitors who wish to see the contrast between the old city and the new often take a Bosphorus cruise, which winds its way under the bridges from different ages seeing ancient sites such as Rumeli Fortress or the beautiful Dolmabahce Palace.


Fethiye is a large harbour town that attracts huge numbers of visitors, not only for the town but also for attractions in the surrounding area. Fethiye harbour is one of the best starting points for gulet sail holidays as it has its own boatyard that makes the modern gulets.

Oludeniz is often a stopping point for gulet cruises from Fethiye heading to Olympos. This beach is commonly used to advertise holidays in Turkey, this is due to the stunning ocean view right on the beach front but there is also a calm lagoon. This Blue Lagoon is well known but slightly hidden to not end up too noise from the main shopping, restaurants and party street. Calm shallow waters allow people of all ages to enjoy the water in this quiet lagoon that makes Oludeniz so famous.

Alakisla cape - Gokova Gulf


In the opposite direction to Oludeniz is another harbour town of Marmaris. This town is different, unlike Fethiye which is mostly relaxing and calm, Marmaris has become famous for it nightlife with bars playing modern music all day. Once the evening comes around the nightclubs fill up with locals and tourists alike to drink and dance the night away. One similarity that Fethiye and Marmaris share is that their harbour is great places to continue cruises to other places, such as Datca or the Greek islands off the coast.


The Greek island of Kos is just off the Turkish coast, the closeness of this and other islands allow for an interesting contrast in culture between Turkey and Greece style of living. Kos has a colourful history, Hippocrates learnt from the medical academy on this island and is considered the father of modern medicine. After studying here, he went on to tour the Greek world, during his life he helped many and even debunked some charlatans. He personal pledge was eventually adapted to create the Hippocratic Oath which is still used by modern doctors. Kos is not solely about its history; the island has some wonderful beaches, the main one is considered so beautiful they named it accordingly ‘Paradise Beach’.

All along the coast are many small islands each with their own draws to visit them, the has led to the blue cruises on the traditional gulets to become popular. Island-like St. Nicolas, which has a ruin retreat built there that was built by the saint himself. Some of these islands are free of man’s touch, Flat Islands is a perfect example, a small island that is pure nature but has a small beach to watch boats come and go.